Max Gruver Act Public Disclosures

About Hazing Disclosures

Georgia state law requires postsecondary institutions to publicly disclose incidents of hazing within 15 days of final adjudication and maintain such disclosure for a period of not less than five years after final adjudication.

Delta Rho chapter of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity

Date of Incident: September 7, 2022

Hazing Related Finding(s): 
Violation of Conduct Regulation 12.1 – Participating in, condoning, encouraging, requiring, or allowing opportunity for hazing.

Suspension of University Registration: Effective October 11, 2022, the Chapter is suspended from the University of Georgia through January 1, 2023. The Chapter is eligible to re-register with the UGA Greek Life Office beginning January 2, 2023. 

Probation: Upon re-registration, the Chapter will be on probation through October 15, 2023