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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) has given colleges/universities the option to notify parents or guardians about specific types of information from a student’s judicial record. 

Student Conduct will notify parents or guardians the first time and every subsequent time a student is found to have violated Code of Conduct regulations on the use or possession of alcohol or other drugs when he/she is under the age of 21. Students found to have violated alcohol or other drug regulations are subject to the minimum sanctions policy as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Information regarding minimum sanctions for alcohol or other drug violations can be found in the Code of Conduct, as well as in the AOD Sanctioning Chart.

Code of Conduct

AOD Sanctioning Chart

This chart outlines the mandatory minimums and typical sanctions for any violation of Regulation 4 of the Code of Conduct.

Contact Us

Student Conduct
247 Memorial Hall, Athens, GA 30602

Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Office of Student Conduct is located on the 2nd floor of Memorial Hall. It is the white building located next to Sanford Stadium. When visiting our office, check in at room 247, which is most easily found through the upper-level entrance on Hooper Street.

Report a Potential Conduct Violation
Individuals interested in submitting a report of potential Code of Conduct regulation violations should do so in writing. Reports not submitted in writing will be independently verified prior to beginning a conduct investigation. Reports should be submitted as soon as possible after the alleged violation. For individuals filing a report, a meeting can be arranged with a staff member in the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the conduct process. Reports should be submitted to Rebecca Scarbro, Director for Student Conduct, by calling 706-542-1131 or emailing